You guys can’t imagine how excited I am about me ‘turning over a new leaf’.  I’ve had some great feedback from friends, from you guys who read this blog and this is what things are about.  Thanks for the support guys.  I’ll stop jerking my own chain now.

Last Friday I had a married guy I met on Craigslist around to the house.

We did all sorts of naughty things to each other.

The guy – I’m not going to disclose anything that could lead back to him of course – lets call him Peter.

Peter was in San Francisco for a work thing and his ad on Craigslist explained that he was married, on a work thing and looking for some fun.  He is 4yrs older than me.  His pics showed a hot body and in the flesh…. fuck me sideways he was hot!!!!  Could do with a trim downstairs but that is my only complaint.

You guys know I’m bisexual but I’m not one to rock the boat or stand on top of the bus – sometimes with girls I don’t share with them that I like guys AND sometimes with guys I don’t share with them that I like girls.  If, one day I get married…. that person will know – darn that sounds presumptuous.  I apologise for that last comment.

From what Peter told me he didn’t have that choice – he got married 10yrs ago, had a couple of kids, he loves his wife and could not imagine a life without her.  He told me;

Dave, I’ve never cheated on my wife except with men.

I could look up a dictionary but the word ‘oxymoron’ comes to mind.

Despite this, Peter and I had a fantastic hour or so and that was that.

Peter won’t be a blip in my subconscience in 12 months time and I don’t pretent to boast of my sexual prowess to claim I’ll leave any more of a memory to Peter.  This was a very once off kind of thing as well which is easy to argue for or against.

If at some point in the future I had a wife who had a relationship with a woman that was sexual would I object?  I’d hope not.  BUT – being open minded that I claim to be…. could my wife (hypothetically) have a sexual relationship with another man and would I be as ‘OK’ with it?

This morning at 4am I just finished reading the 3rd book from the ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ series – one of the characters ‘Berger’ is a chick who is married but gets to shag an old flame.  Perhaps me shagging a married guy and me reading this has these thoughts in my head.

Bit of a ramble of a post – tomorrow I’ve got some Calvin Klein tightie whities for you guys – and a movie.

One thought on “Married Men”
  1. What would be the difference between your wife having a sexual relationship with a woman and having one with a man? Granted, you would have the same anatomical parts as the guy, but I see it as a question of “am I ok with my partner having sex with another person” rather than one of the sex of that person. Since I’m bi I’d expect my partner to be ok with me having sexual relationships with both sexes. It seems kind of unfair to recognize their bisexuality but still not want them to play with anyone who is the same sex as you.and if my wife is straight, it would seem unfair to me to expect her to accept that I play with men as well while at the same time not wanting her to play with others just because in her case it would be some of my sex.

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