It has been funny being back here in this Canadian ski town.

It was here in May 2005 that I had an amazing threesome with my roommate and his girlfriend.  That threesome involved both of us guys in speedos, the girl in a bikini and all three of us in a steamroom.  The experience made such an impression on me that I began my first blog –

I just wanted to share my experience, obviously I couldn’t share it with any of my friends or family so I started writing it down.  Then a friend of mine that I used to do some graphic design work with told me about her blog.  I checked it out, asked her some questions and here I am.

She did happen to give me some awesome advice:

  1. Use WordPress as the blog software and
  2. Host it yourself.

I can’t believe how beneficial those two pieces of advice have been.  WordPress has been amazing and I’ve used it since day 1.  It means that I have every blog post from my very first one still online and available.  And the hosting of the blog myself has worked out.  I can’t keep count of the number of blogs that have been shut down by free blog hosts.

Perhaps I’m wandering here – I saw these pics today on another bisexual blog and although this is in a hottub (my threesome was in a steamroom) it did bring back some immediate memories….

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