How was everyone’s Xmas?

It has been cold and snowy in Colorado but Kip and I have been getting up to some hottub mischief, so far only on our own. Today was an awesome day as we got up for first chair and had some of Kip’s mates up. We snowboarded until about midday (it was pretty busy by then), I came home and had a nap and once I finish this post we’ll be hitting up the hottub. The mates are str8 guys so no real penis potential but they are good guys.

Last weekend we were hoping that Kip’s lady friend that we shared earlier in the month would be up but she had to cancel although she still sounds super enthusiastic so we’ll see what happens.

I gave Kip these Aussie speedos (I posted about them a few weeks ago) for Xmas and a lego of the Millenium Falcon – he hasn’t started playing with it yet but I’ll be sure to get photos for you guys – we thought it was a big of a joke but hey, we are nerds.

This morning I was up early to finish some work stuff that had to be finished and I ended up playing/tidying up the blog, I’ve got a few new headers in mind so over the next week or so I’ll change them about. Please let me know which ones you like and which ones you don’t.

OK guys, hottub is calling. I hope you guys had a Merry Xmas and get your livers ready for a wild New Years.

Aussie Style Speedos
Aussie Boys in Speedos

One thought on “Merry Xmas Everyone”
  1. A Lego version of the Millennium Falcon is awesome. You definitely gotta post a pic when it’s done. You know, for the rest of us nerds out there. 🙂

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