Wow – the last week to 10 days has been amazing and hectic.

My trip to Tahoe snowboarding was fantastic!!! The plan was to be there just for the weekend but some of the guys in the cabin were staying for longer than my hosts and they invited me to stay so I stayed for the week. I had no net at the house but kept in touch with Kip and everything ran smoothly work wise which was great.

The cabin my San Fran hosts organised was awesome. It had a hottub outside, pool table and stacks of room. I’ve never snowboarded up there and spent most of my time at Northstar and a couple of days at Heavenly.

I speedo’d it up in the hottub most of the time and nobody thought anything of it. There was nothing naughty going on but it was a great bunch of people and it was nice to get my first days of the winter on my board.

Xmas Dinner was nice last night and I’m looking forward to getting ready for my road trip north.

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