I’m not much into motor racing but I do like to watch the F1 and Bathurst of course – that is a tradition of mine even when I’ve been living overseas to spend the ENTIRE DAY watching Bathurst.  It isn’t really about the race, it is more about drinking and eating pizza and being very manly.

This weekend is the Monaco GP which is always fun to watch.  It is amazing the money involved – I think a few years back they tried to cap the teams to $100 million a year and the teams didn’t like it.

Anyway, I’m not going to post pics of cars of course on this blog.  Instead I’ll post some pics of Tamara Ecclestone – her Dad, Bernie is the head honcho of F1 – not a bad job/business to have.  I didn’t know anything about Tamara until I saw these pics of her so I looked her up.  Seems like she’s had some terrible luck with relationships with guys shagging around on her and even trying to blackmail her.  Poor girl, she is gorgeous.  If I only hung out in those circles I’m sure she would have seen me for the gentleman that I am.

Tamara had a baby in March and these pics of her were taken just recently – holy moly does she look good!!!!

Good on you girl for looking so fantastic.

Tamara EcclestoneTamara Ecclestone Pink BikiniTamara Ecclestone by the Pool

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