Not last night but the night before…. we had a BBQ around at my place and I was setup with this chick (we’ll call her Natasha – not sure she is quite ready to know all of my secrets just yet). Things went as expected and she spent the night in my bed.

It was great, she was great, she is cute but she also has a boyfriend (which I knew before hand).

I’m not sure if this bothers me or not – I suppose it doesn’t bother me that much because otherwise I wouldn’t have let her suck my cock.

Perhaps I’m not bothered because I’ve never felt as though I’ve posessed someone (a little too stong a word but you get what I mean). I really like Will and I could be in a long term relationship with him but I don’t feel as though his/my monogamy has anything to do with it at this stage and I know full well that he will sleep with other people and since he reads this blog, he is well aware of what I get up to.

A friend of mine who lives in San Francisco has a saying that he uses a lot – “There are no rules

He isn’t an anarchist or anything like that. But his outlook on life is that if it works for you, that is OK. I like the phrase.

These guys pictured below (Aden and Jordan) have been together for a few years and are now working in the porn industry as actors. Obviously, they are working with other actors and not just each other. However, in this DNA article they talk about how they are committed as a couple – they also talk about how they involve other people in their private sex life.

There are no rules…..

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