Sorry for not posting for a few days guys – 4 days not posting is very weird for me but there were a bunch of people around over the weekend and we kinda just moved from one drinking engagement to another.  Enjoyed the football until the Broncos lost and it has been nasty cold up here so Kip and I haven’t been out snowboarding much – your hair is definitely freezing in the hottub.

My last post was about a girl I was interested in who was interested in a married guy – well I haven’t heard much from her except a few short facebook comments.  But that is OK – there is a new girl I met on the weekend and she is really nice, really pretty and I’m taking her to dinner tomorrow night – whoohooo!!!!

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I don’t know where I found this pic of Justin Beiber tied up in a speedo but I can promise you that it is fake.  I like the speedo though and I like the rope work – those of you who have been following my blogs will know I have a soft (and sometimes hard) spot for being tied up and using ropes on my loves (guys and girls).  And, if I had my choice I’d pass on Justin Beiber and take a Hugh Jackman instead.

Justin Beiber Tied up in Speedos

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