Some more lifeguard chicks for you guys (and girls).

Today is my last full day here in the USA and it is going to be a long day (I’m up and it is just after 5am).  We got a little snow last night so Kip and I will get first chair today for my last snowboard, obviously I have to pack, I’m leaving my SUV with Kip so that isn’t too much trouble but I want to clean it out and tonight we are off to dinner…. Mexican place just opposite the main village I forgot the name of it.

There are lots of things I’m going to miss but one thing I am looking forward to is the beautiful Australian women.  I know I’ve been living in a mountain town which is a sausage fest to start with but I find that every time I go back to Aussie I’m pleasantly surprised how beautiful the women are.

Saying that, I find American women more approachable and nicer than Aussie chicks.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Life Guard ChickLifeguard Bikini

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