Kip and I were talking this morning about the different ways to have an orgasm.

  • Jerking off
  • Fucking
  • Cock Sucked
  • Anal (I can cum just from being fucked without touching my cock – rare but possible)
  • Dry Humping
  • Combination of all the above

For me the most intense orgasm that I have is from having my cock sucked – no finger in my arse while doing it, just 100% cock sucking, no hands either. And this doesn’t matter if it is a guy or a girl…. although I have found that guys tend to be a little better on the average.  Any girls out there who want to prove me wrong, email me anytime – hehe.

This takes me a lot longer to cum to orgasm and sometimes I won’t cum this way at all and have to resort to a finger in my arse or the use of hands. I think because it takes a little longer is why this is such an intense orgasm for me.

The Texan Brunette left after dinner last night and Kip jumped in my bed this morning and delivered exactly the blowjob I described above.  Maybe it is a little jealousy that he is having to share me on the weekends.  I only with I could share him with the Texan Brunette.

Hottub Blowjob

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