Over the weekend I finally came to the decision to move to New Zealand for the rest of the winter – I’m pretty sure I’ll be back on the Central Coast north of Sydney come summer.

The cold, rainy weather kinda sucks and it will be good to keep in touch with all my kiwi mates. My housemates and I had to move out by next weekend as the house has been sold and one of my housemates is a bit of a pain in the arse.

As to where I’ll live in New Zealand I haven’t completely come to a decision and I’ve been talking to some friends over there trying to decide – I’ll be flying over there Friday week so I better decide. I am excited to get on my snowboard again. Another move but I suppose if you don’t make a decision, someone else will make one for you.

New Zealand is amazingly beautiful and I love hiking as well as snowboarding so you guys can expect some more scenic photos like these below which I took back last winter/spring. If anyone can name where all four pics are taken I’ll give them a years membership to SwimmerBoyz.com.

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