Today I’m off to Tahoe…. I’ve been to Reno (that is a story and a half which I don’t think I ever posted here but I started writing about over on my blog).  Anyways – I’m off with my hosts tomorrow after work to stay in a cabin with a bunch of their friends and go boarding for the weekend (my pregnant host won’t be boarding).  Will be my first turns for the winter which is hopefully going to be a BIG one.

I’ll take my office (my laptop) but I’m not sure how much connectivity I’ll have up there.

I only found out about this trip over dinner last night and I was halfway through writing this post……  this is no reflection on my bipolar condition.

I think this guy is a Mr. Universe winner – anyone know who he is?

I love his speedo, love his body and I love his body in his speedo. Perfectly worn speedo too – low on the hips.

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