I had been looking forward to the weekend and it was fantastic.

Friday night with Rachel was a very nice and I had a good dose of pussy. Like I said on Friday I’m not 100% sure where that is going but she is really nice and nothing is too serious and she knows about this blog as well so knows a little about me and what I get up to.

Satuday at Golden Gate Park was good fun. It started a little later than I expected and we ended up kicking on. A few of the crew ended up back at my place to chill out, listen to some music and continue the drinking. I behaved myself but the last guests didn’t leave until the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday morning I woke up a little hungover but slept in which was nice.

As you guys know – I’m crazy horny when I’m hungover and instead of my usual cock punishing I thought I’d jump on Grindr and see if anyone wanted to come over and help me out. As usual on Grindr, it didn’t take long until I had lined up someone to come over. The guy was bi and hadn’t done a whole lot of ‘gay stuff’ (his words not mine).

He came over, he jerked me off, I sucked him off and he jerked me off again.

I still jerked off again before bed but it was a nice way to break up a horny hangover Sunday – hahahaha.

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