Well guys, 5 minutes ago the chick version of me just left my place.

Last night at the local pub I was introduced to Jaime.  I’m not going to say it was love at first sight but we did hit it off and after a few Bundy and Cokes we both knew that we were going home together.

Back at my place we fooled around and she came 6 times before I finally fucked her from behind.  Since I had a few drinks under my belt I decided that I’d masturbate with her.  Jamie was wearing a bikini under her skirt which we had removed but I asked her if she would put it back on.  It was super hot her rubbing herself, playing with my balls while I pumped my cock.

Jamie came first and when I finally came I unloaded on her black bikini bottoms!!!

This morning we fucked again before she left and she is cumming around tonight for some more fun and I’m horny just thinking about it…..

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