One thing that I love being here in Colorado, and the US in general is my accent.

I’m sure my accent on its own hasn’t necessarily gotten me laid but it definitely has opened some doors and given me a point of different and a conversation starter.  I’ve met a lot of people who have traveled to Australia and they want to talk about it.

On the other hand, I love a girl, or a guy, with a southern accent.  I think the hottest girl I’ve hung out with (didn’t get the shag her) was from Tennessee and he accent just made me melt.

But when I get back to Aussie it won’t work anymore.  Last time I was back I was at the Terrigal Pub and talking to a couple of girls and they thought I was trying to bullshit and give a fake American accent.  I think my R’s are a little different but these girls thought I was being a dick putting on a face accent.

I’ll just have to see how much pussy I can get when I arrive back down under.  At least I’ll see a little more female flesh than I have so far this winter in Colorado – haha.

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