I promised that I’d show you guys a pic of Kip’s Xmas presents.

We are the epitome of ‘Speedo Nerds’.

I bought 2 pairs of these Turbo speedos and they are the first Turbo’s that I’ve ever owned. They brand themselves as a waterpolo speedo and they seem really heavy duty. The material isn’t lycra but it is shiny and has a nice feel like lycra – perhaps someone from Turbo is reading this and can email me the details. The sizing is a little bit different though – at the same time I bought a pair of Arena lycra speedos of the same size – they Turbo’s are considerable smaller and being a more heavy duty material, they don’t stretch as much either. Next time I’ll go a tiny bit bigger than my usual size.

If any of you guys own Turbo speedos please leave a comment and let me know how you found them.

A quick note on www.SpeedoForum.com – I made some changes just over a month ago. Many old members accounts were deleted in the clean out which sucks, I tried to avoid it but if I didn’t do something then I was going to have to shut it down.

It is a free forum and to keep the spammers out you have to register. When you register, email me your new username and I will activate your account.

I can only activate the accounts when I get the email, unfortunately I don’t sit checking that email account 24/7 so you’ll be activated when you get activated. If I missed you just shoot me another email – stuff gets lost in junk email and all sorts of stuff.

On a positive note – SpeedoForum.com is better than ever and there is a great group of guys over there.

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