Urban dictionary definition of Great White Buffalo:

“The one true love of your life. Called the Great White Buffalo because of it’s rarity, elusive status. Most people go throughout their entire lives without ever encountering a Great White Buffalo.”

Last night after Sunday night football Kip and I just had a lazy night watching Hottub Time Machine…. awesome movie!!!  During the movie they mention the Great White Buffalo and I had never heard of that before but it makes sense.

Thinking about it, I suppose I have a guy Great White Buffalo and a girl Great White Buffalo (I’ve written about my guy Great White Buffalo over on www.AussieSpeedoGuy.net).

My girl Great White Buffalo was a girl I grew up with.  She was a swimmer and we did some junior swim training stuff together as kids.  Then in high school this chick caught the same bus as I did to school but of course I never had the courage to go and talk to her.  This was definitely my first infatuation (saying it was my first love wouldn’t be quite true).

Years later and I’m down on the Central NSW Coast and I facestalked this chick.  She accepted my friend request and then over a couple of months we were talking.  I still keep in touch with some mutual friends and after a while it turns out she and two of her girlfriends are coming down to Sydney for a girls weekend.  One of the friends and I are good buddies so I invite them up to my place on the coast (about an hour and a half north of Sydney).

I had absolutely no expectations of anything happening.

The girls rocked up, I had enough room for them.  The first afternoon we just hung out and BBQ’d over a few drinks.  The Great White Buffalo still looks fantastic and I’m definitely still a little intimidated by her (no idea why).

At one point I go inside to get something and she follows me in and then plants a kiss on me.  WOW!!!  What a wonderful surprise.

The night wore on and we all finally packed it up and went to bed and the Great White Buffalo just came into my room as if we’d been an old married couple of many years.  The two of us pretty much tore each others clothes off.  The sex was furious but rather missionary.  One thing that did surprise me was when I went for a condom she told me “It is alright.”

You guys know I’m pretty religious when it comes to safe sex and “It is alright” that I’ll put one on.  I did put a condom on and didn’t really think of it again until the 2nd night and she told me not to worry about it again.  Of course I put a condom on but that did ring a little bell in my head.

The Great White Buffalo was nice, still smokin’ hot but just a little crazy.  Our mutual friend although not as hot turned out to be a really great chick that I could definitely see myself dating long term.

A couple of months later, I find out that the Great White Buffalo is pregnant.  Turns out a few weeks after we caught up, the Great White Buffalo caught up with an ex-boyfriend of hers and it looks like he was told “It is alright” as well.  Holy moly!!!  The ex-boyfriend has stepped up and moved from Melbourne to the Gold Coast to play Daddy and I’ve been told that the Great White Buffalo had been looking forward to having kids.

That is a whole lot of crazy if you ask me.

Moral of the story – wrap that thing!!!

I wrote about my guy Great White Buffalo over on www.AussieSpeedoGuy.net which is a different story.  Maybe the Great White Buffalo should be left alone as a happy memory.  Love to hear if you have any Great White Buffalo stories.

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One thought on “My Great White Buffalo”
  1. Crikey…I’ve had that same sort of thing before, someone pretty much *demanding* that I get them pregnant, on the night I happened to be leaving town not knowing when I’d see this woman again. Didn’t do it, needless to say, but anyway…it was a bit like putting money in a vending machine and then not getting your candy bar from her viewpoint, and she sort of treated me like people treat vending machines when that happens, alas. The woman in question was all sorts of crazy…a few months later, she ended up getting a dog, which apparently quelled her maternal instincts enough for that time. I’ve not heard further on her for over a decade, though.

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