Friday night was a hoot!!!  It was kind of a birthday celebration for me and after a few drinks at my place we headed down to the Pub.

I’m gobsmacked by how gorgeous some of the girls are!!!  Short skirts and high heels are 2 things that I did miss in the mountains of Colorado.  The boys are not dressed so well at all which is a shame.

One thing I didn’t miss in Colorado is the agro (aggressiveness) of Aussie guys.  There were at least 3 occasions where guys were kicked out by half a dozen bouncers and even after the pub closed guys were getting agro at each other.  I don’t understand it?  The booze is flowing and the girls are pretty, what is there to be upset about?

I did get introduced to my neighbours, Malvern and Wilky (I don’t think they know that is what my mates call them).  Two pretty hot chicks, one blonde, one brunette, and I really liked Wilky (the blonde).  A walked the girls home (they live on the other side of my bedroom wall) and we ended up drinking on the back lawn (which is right on the beach) until the week hours.  Didn’t quite make sunrise but I was pretty useless on Saturday.

Should be fun having 2 girls live next door.

I’ll keep you guys posted……

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