Sorry I had to leave you guys in the lurch yesterday – for starters I was horny just reliving the experience and I did have to help Kip clean up the house before his sister got back from her St. Paddy’s day celebrations – some fun run down in Ft. Collins.

I left you yesterday (read the post below) with two fingers in each of the Denver boys while they both worked on Kip’s cock and balls. They had just given me the same treatment but I didn’t want to cum too quickly. Kip however was more than happy to dump his load in one of the Denver boys mouth. He came really hard and I’m surprised nobody called animal patrol because his moaning was load!!!

The Denver boy who took all of Kip’s cum turned to his boyfriend/partner and they made out sharing Kip’s load.

Now it was time for some fucking.

Both Denver boys were rock hard from my fingering and I told them that my arse needed some attention.

All of us kept our speedos on although our cocks were out in one form or another.

It took a little bit of planning/organising but the four of us finally got into position. One Denver boy was fucking the other, who was fucking me. Standing up (well kinda bending over) my cock was just above the water line. Kip decided to take care of my cock – although I have been known to cum just from being fucked.

Once we were all in position we all started humping. I can’t claim that it was completely in sync but we did pretty well. I think I came first with Kip working my cock. My orgasm was not as loud as Kip’s but it was pretty loud and my arse clenched down on the Denver boys cock that was in my arse. That was enough to came him cum a couple of strokes after I came. Then he in turn clenched his arse and made the Denver boy who was in his butt cum as well.

All three orgams started withing maybe 5 seconds of each other.

I hope you guys enjoyed that as much as I did……

You wouldn’t believe it…. it is actually snowing outside (the first time since I got to Colorado).

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