My new black spank speedos arrived yesterday. I love these speedos and my old ones were just worn out from me wearing them pretty much constantly.

The lycra on them is a touch heavier and is super silky. Their cut is perfect for wearing them low on my hips.

I was trying to take a foto of them and ended up bring out ALL of my speedos and taking a pic of them on my office desk…. maybe I need to have Will in my speedos and Will on my office desk as well.

Here is a list of my speedos.

  • Black Spank x 2
  • White DESwimwear
  • Black Speedo Solar
  • Black Speedo Classic
  • AussieBum Portsea’s
  • AussieBum Splice – Blue
  • AussieBum Classic Navy
  • AussieBum Classic Blue
  • Red Aquadaks

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