A few weeks ago I was out in Breckenridge crashing with Kip and it got me thinking about what my plans are for the next 6 months or so.

The lease on my apartment here in San Francisco runs out on Nov 1st and although I’ve loved the city, the weather just isn’t nice enough by my standard of summer and I don’t really want to be here for winter. I’d love to spend the northern winter down in the Caribbean or somewhere like that but I’ve never really been down there (been to Mexico a couple of times). Heading back to Sydney is always on the cards but the US dollar is weak as all hell which makes a move back there pretty expensive.

The other option is to spend some more time with Kip in Breck. That looks like the option I’m going to go with. He has stacks of room in his house, although we end up sleeping in the same bed a fair bit of the time, we get a whole lot of work done when we are hanging out that much. Some of our best ideas, business wise, have been developed while sitting on a chairlift.

So my plan is to leave here (San Francsico) on November 1st and drive east. If the weather is good I might take my time, swing by Vegas but I’ll play that by ear.

Then, I’m thinking I might head back to the Central NSW Coast in early February. Use the 3 months in Breckenridge to save as much money as I can and work on convincing you guys to join my site SwimmerBoyz.com. That will be my rough plan – if the US dollar is only buying AUD0.80 then I’ll have to rethink it and maybe look at the Caribbean again.

Those are my plans and I hope to catch up with some of you guys along the way.

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