OK guys here are my travel plans to Aussieland for the next couple of weeks.

I fly out of here on Wednesday (holy shit that is only 1 sleep away). I land in the early afternoon and a mate of mine who works in the city is going to pick me up and drive up to the Central NSW Coast on Friday arvo (not sure what happened to Thursday but it no longer exists).

My mates up on the coast are putting on a poker night on Friday which should help with any jetlag and then a mate of mine is having his 30th birthday on the Saturday night and someone want to play golf on Sunday. I do love going ‘home’ although I grew up on the Gold Coast it definitely feels like home on the Central Coast.

Hopefully the weather will be good and I’ll just chill out on the beach the next week. The weekend after (28th) a friend of mine is having a birthday in Manly so I might head down for that – I’ve never been out in Manly. And then I’m flying back out of Sydney on the next Tuesday, the last day of the month.

Just a quick trip and I won’t get any snowboarding in unfortuantely but I couldn’t figure out transprot (I don’t have a car) and then I’d have to take all my snowboarding gear.

I just checked out the webcam and it looks gorgeous there today and the winter temps there are pretty similar to the summer temps here in San Francisco. Click here to check out the webcam.

Going to be burning the midnight oil tonight getting things ready and I don’t fly out until late tomorrow night so I’ll get a blog post in before I leave here.

3 thoughts on “My Travel Plans”
  1. Have fun in Aussieland! I need to make it to Australia at some point… I’m currently on holiday on Bali and hooked up with an Aussie (not my first) a couple of nights ago. I’m not sure I’d make it out of the airport in Australia before having to hook up with a local… 😉

  2. I can’t believe you weren’t to Manly before. I’m from Spain and yet technically I visited Manly before you did, for I was there in feb ’11. Loved it, not many gay people but was out there to chill out. Well, have fun, anyway.

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