This is strange…. me posting before midday on a Saturday. Surprisingly enough Kip and I had a quiet night in last night. I had been kinda excited all day for a big night but when we finally got up from work, poured a drink, sat in the hottub for 45 minutes we were both buggered (hehehe). So we ended up just on the couch and watched the movie Safe House, ow my god, I am in love with Ryan Reynolds!!! I think we both nodded off at some point during the movie.

Not a bad thing at all to wake up early on a Saturday. Well see what happens tonight though….

Yesterday (Friday) was gorgeous and I finally remembered to charge my camera and put it in my pocket. It is a 2 minute walk from Kip’s place to the slopes but being early season we have to catch a shuttle bus to the gondola. There aren’t many cars in the carpark (someone pulled┬áme up the other day here for using carpark – should I use parking garage???).

I can see my house from here!!!

I was surprised how quiet it was – gorgeous isn’t it?!?!?!

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