I have this sex toy/vibrator called a ‘Naughty Boy’.  I use this massager probably once a week and it guarantees that I cum quickly, very quickly.  It is in my bedside draw and I don’t advertise I have it because it might freak some people out.

Years ago I had this fuck buddy Jaime (female) and at one point during one of our fuck sessions, Jaime had to go into my bedside dresser to get yet another condom and she saw it.  She was intrigued.  Then I told her she should try it on me and instead of being freaked out she jumped at the chance.

I wasn’t completely hard but by the time she added a little bit of lube to my ‘Naughty Boy’, slowly inserted it (it isn’t that big and doesn’t need to be inserted that slowly) and she got her mouth on my cock I was back to full mast.

I’m not sure I could have cum from having my cock sucked on its own but with that thing vibrating in my arse I was getting close.  Jaime decided that she wanted to focus on sliding the vibrator in and out of me so was more jacking me off than sucking my cock.  It was hot!!!

I came and as seems to be Jaime’s MO (modus operandi), she got her lips on my cock so she could take my cum in her mouth.

I thought it was hot and Jaime told me she couldn’t believe how hot she found it!!!

Anyone where enjoy using vibrators or anal toys?

And here is mine…..

Naughty Boy Sex Toy

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