The weather is starting to get colder here on the NSW Central Coast. Adding to that – the last couple of weeks the weather hasn’t been that good and this coming week looks be lots of showers.

My usual routine of walking/running on the beach and spending hours every day in the water surfing or just swimming are coming to an end and I think I need to find something else to keep myself active. The pool is open all winter so I’ll still be swimming and I’ll spend a couple of weeks snowboarding either here in Australia or over in New Zealand.

Have you guys got any ideas or have the same problem when winter approaches?

I’ve played rugby growing up but I’m definitely not good enuf or tough enuf to play in an open mens league. I’ve never played water polo and I’m not sure when their season even is. I’ve got my advanced scuba diving ticket so maybe that is an option.

Or I suppose I could just get half a dozen bisexual fuck buddies (guys and girls) and let them keep me active.

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