Since I got back to Aussie I’ve been having a great time fucking guys from Grindr and Tim is becoming a bit of a sexual feature which I’m not complaining about.

But, I think I should give some of my focus to the girls.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before on this blog that picking up chicks in Colorado was much easier with my Aussie accent than it is here on the Central Coast where I don’t really know anyone other than my group of mates.

The neighbour girls are really nice and it has been a few weeks since I made out with one of them.

And speaking of being a little lazy, it has been a while since I posted some pics of a super hot chick wearing a one piece…. I think it was worth the wait, this chick is smokin’!!!!

Asics SwimsuitBlack Asics One PieceBlack SwimsuitBlack Asics One Piece Lycra Swimsuit

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