One thing that Kip has been working on over the last month or so is updating my movies archive.

The movies archive is HUGE – 85 hours.  It must be the largest collection of speedo movies anywhere on the web.  I’ve grown this archive over the years and movie formats have changed and with all the new mobile devices some of the older movies didn’t work great so I gave Kip the task of figuring it out.

And he has…..

….and as usual, Kip is awesome.

It will take a little while to get through the entire archive and I have about 10 hours of new speedo movies that I’ve got to sort and add to the site but I have a little present for you guys…..

Go to the ‘Freedownloads‘ page of and check out the 5 new sample movie clips.  I’d love to hear your feedback on them.  One idea I did have was to start the movies in ‘mute’, that way if someone is watching them at work they can set their own volume, what do you guys think?  I’d love to hear of any problems on any devices, I’ve tested it as much as I can and it is working great!!!

And for members – there are 3 new, full length speedo movies online now.  C’mon, joining is only $4.95, those 3 new movies alone are worth joining.

Gay Movies from

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