My cock is still a little sore from Saturday with Will – happy sore, not sad sore – but I did manage to rub one out before getting out of bed this morning.

I’m really pumped for this week. The weather forecast isn’t looking all that flash but I have a project which I’m just about finished (I can’t tell you about it just yet but I promise I’ll share it with you on Thursday or Friday).

Since I got back from Colorado the weather has been gorgeous and I find it hard to sit infront of the computer all day when the beach is calling. Hence why when the forecast isn’t that great I get a little excited because I’ll be able to get stuck into some work. My cleaning is going great as well – although I had a couple of beers with Will on Saturday night it definitely wasn’t my usual Saturday night and I’m feeling full of energy.

One draw back is that I’m not sleeping as well. Taking longer to get to sleep and then not sleeping as soundly as I would after a 2am finish at the pub. But that isn’t that big a deal as I’m reading a bit more.

Anyways, instead of dreading Mondays I say take it by the balls!!!!

This week I am expecting a pair of red speedos in the mail…. can you believe that I don’t own a pair of red speedos? Actually I think I have a pair of red Andrew Christian speedos but they are in storage somewhere.

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