Well I couldn’t find the James Bond (Casino Royale) speedos…. click here to read that post. The Texan Brunette told me she was a fan of the square cuts so I thought I’d try and find some. I ended up buying some Nike ones and I really like them. I’m going to wear them tonight and see how it goes.

Only problem with them, compared to speedos, is that it is harder to pull my cock out the leg of them. I love fucking with my speedos on and my cock out the side but I suppose I’ll just have to put up with poking it over the top of these square cuts.

She is supposed to arrive here about 7pm tonight and Kip is down in Denver so we’ll see how much she likes it when she opens the door and see me in my new square cuts.

Not SpeedosNot Really Speedos

2 thoughts on “New Square Cut Swimwear”
  1. Dave,
    Give the girl a chance to help fish your cock out of the square cut shorts. Everyone likes a challenge, and trying to find a solution.


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