Nothing much happening today guys although Kip and I have a ‘couples’ date tonight with some guys we found on Grindr.  Could be the first members of our ‘Speedo Sex Club’.  I’ll keep you posted.

This gorgeous girl in the pic below reminds me of when I flew into Sydney a few years ago.  I was pretty jetlagged but I was excited to be back and being a Friday night the boys made me go out.  Somehow, a few hours later I was walking home with this hot brunette, Carly (I’m pretty sure I can mention her name since it was a couple of years ago).  Carly was a friend of my hosts which is how I got in.

We got home and were making out on my bed in the spare room.  I had to go to the bathroom and brush my teeth and told Carly I’d be back in a minute.  Less than 5 minutes, maybe less than 3 minutes later I returned to find Carly, butt naked, face down on my bed sound asleep.  What a beautiful body she had!!!

But she was out like a light.  Now what do I do?  I didn’t want her to wake up and be concerned if she couldn’t remember although she wasn’t that drunk.

In the end I played the gentleman card and I pulled some sheets over her and I went and slept on the couch.  Agghhhhh – I was sooooo looking forward to a decent sleep after the trans-Pacific flight and even more excited about Carly but it wasn’t to be.

I was only in town for a few weeks and we ran into each other again but we never got that close to sleeping together again.  She thought I was sweet and told me that she just gets naked when she has a few drinks.

The price of being a gentleman.

Nice Butt

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