After what feels like a week of travelling I’m here in Queenstown and online although not in my own home yet.

The trip went well and no problems, I’m crashing at my old landlords (Peter and Michelle) place until I get my own and I’ve been working pretty hard on that all day. I’ve got a few options and I really think I’m going to get my own place. After a summer of living with 2 str8 guys I need somewhere that I can bring back drunken str8/curious snowboarder boys and not have to worry about getting caught naked on the couch by roommates.

I had left a car here and some other random stuff – I had thought that I had left some more speedos here which it turns out I didn’t so I’m in desperate need of a speedo shop in the next couple of days. I suppose once I get an address I’ll get onto that.

I haven’t been able to get in touch with any of the guys that I used to fuck while I was here – I’m guessing they have just moved on and that was in the pre-facebook days when you could move and the whole world didn’t know about it.

Well, it is nearly half 11, I have to be at a house inspection at 9am and after seeing this photo posted on the forum (if you haven’t been over there you should check it out – it is a discussion forum I setup ages ago and it has a pretty good following – and it is free). What I was saying is that after seeing this guy in his black speedos with his super hard cock I think I’m going to have to go and ‘take care’ of myself… does he have that effect on you guys?

Good night….

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