Tonight I’m heading out with some mates of the married couple I know in San Francisco – I suppose they are pretty much the only people I know thus far in San Francisco.

Bit of a boys night although I don’t think any of the guys I’m about to meet are gay so it is probably more of a pussy hunting mission.

One thing that did happen today though – I got an email from the couple that I hooked up with on New Years Eve. For those of you who don’t remember or are new here, I found this couple on Craigslist and we had one hell of a hot time one afternoon. I hadn’t been in touch with them since the ‘encounter’ but they now follow this blog and when they saw I was back in the city dropped me an email.

I’m not sure when we’ll catch up but I think it is definitely on the cards – playing with a couple on a semi regular basis would be fantastic.

If you want to read about my New Years Eve threesome I wrote about it here. It is in 3 parts and here is the link to each part in order:

  • Part 1 – Joining in with husband and wife
  • Part 2 – Wife sucking me off
  • Part 3 – Fuck my arse with that Aussie cock

I hope you guys have a fun Friday night and wish me luck – I think I’ll wear my lucky AussieBum Portsea’s under my jeans tonight – it is always fun to see the reaction of people when they know that I’m wearing speedos.0

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