I meant to mention to you guys that yesterday I was showering outside (there is a shower attached to the outside wall of my townhouse, it is only cold water and intended to be used to rise off after being the surf).

So I was showering outside wearing a pair of black Arena speedos and one of the neighbour chicks walked around the corner.  She wanted to know if I’d like to have dinner on Sunday with them.

She made no reaction at all and we chatted for 5 minutes or so just me standing there in my speedo.

Later that afternoon we had some beers in the back yard.  Nice to see a girl who is open minded and doesn’t bat an eyelid about guys in speedos.

True Speedo Fan

One thought on “Speedo Friendly Neighbour”
  1. Dave, I’m sure you look good in your Speedo. If you acted perfectly normal, then she wasn’t going to rock the boat. Maybe she was checking out if she was getting a rise out of you? The cold water didn’t help with that I’m sure. If she didn’t like you, she would not have invited you to dinner.

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