For the 2nd time this trip… Craigslist has come through with the goodies for me.

Until December I had never even visited Craigslist but then I had an amazing threesome with this couple in San Fran that I found on Craigslist. It was actually my friends that I stay with in San Fran who gave me the idea after one of their close friends marriage broke up because the husband was cheating on his wife and she caught him by tracking his net usage and found that he was picking up chicks on Craigslist. I have no interest in breaking up any relationship but it seemed like a good place to maybe find other horny people looking for some NSA (no strings attached) action.

I didn’t post about that threesome on here but I did post about it on my blog. I wrote the story in three parts and you can read them below if you are interested.

  • Part 1 – Joining in with husband and wife
  • Part 2 – Wife sucking me off
  • Part 3 – Fuck my arse with that Aussie cock

Anyway – so yesterday afternoon Kip and I were just sitting around working, drinking some beer. We had planned to head over to Keystone to party. There is a bar I’ve been to before that is Thursday night karaokee and there is something about staff getting paid on Thursdays. It is a bit of a dive bar but it is a fun crowd.

For some reason Kip and I were talking about Craigslist and other adult dating sites – Kip uses Grindr a bunch to pick up guys – and since we both had our laptops on our laps I looked up ‘casual encounters’. Turns out there were a few posts of couples in Keystone looking for guys. The most recent one was looking for a guy to ‘jacuzzi’ after some karaokee…. I couldn’t believe it – I was thinking that maybe Kip was stitching me up.

Turns out he wasn’t…….

I can’t give it all away – what happened will be available on my site in about 15 minutes. Lets just say – three guys and a girl in a jacuzzi.

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