I’ve been thinking about this blog and how it fits into my life recently.

Since the Evil ‘Speedo’ Company sued me and quoted my blog as ‘evidence’ in the newspapers I’ve been writing a lot closer to my chest and some of my old friends and long time members of ‘SwimmerBoyz.com’ have mentioned this to me.

“Dave – you are being a pussy.”

“Dave, we used to read your blog because of YOU. Your not being you.”

“Dave, sack up.”

It is something that I’ve been unhappy with – I created this blog after a naughty MMF speedo threesome in a sauna in interior British Columbia and I just HAD to tell someone. I had nobody to share this with so I started writing, in Microsoft Word and it was a month later that I figured out how to ‘blog’ and share my experience. Click here to read what I wrote, before I wrote a word here.

This blog is my diary, it is where I get to share my deepest secrets. I share my opinions openly and I allow you guys to rebut and critize me openly and I have published every comment except a couple that were religiously hateful a few years ago.

The most satisfying experience of this whole blogging thing is when I wake up and I have a dozen, well written comments of smart guys telling me that I’m wrong (as I write this – there have been 5,388 comments – to my 1,662 blog posts).

Gets me thinking….

Shit, maybe I am wrong.

Today, I received an email from some ‘vague person’ in Colorado asking if I’d be interested in posting about Obama’s reputation on gay marriage. I don’t think the email was personal because it looked like a copy/paste job to me, BUT it did include my website statistics which were pretty accurate and this person offered me a dollar figure.

The dollar figure is nothing compared to what I make in a week and I ddin’t respond to the email.

My opinion is not for sale AND your comments/rebuttal (assuming they are polite) are published even when they say that I’m an idiot.

The ‘Speedo’ lawsuit is now 12 months behind me, I’m not living in Australia and I’m turning a new leaf……

Dave Evans wants to have some fun – if you guys promise to tell me what you think, I promise there will be no darn Obama or Romney banners on my websites.

One thought on “No thanks”
  1. Dave,
    In this political year there are plenty (read too many) places to read about some candidates poition on any issue. There are several gay agenda political blogs, so you don’t need to become one of them. I come here to read of your sexual adventures…so you need to spend more time enjoying those, and sharing with the rest of us!

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