Late night here and last night I ran into a guy at one of the local bars and he knows that I write this blog. We aren’t really friends but I met him 2 years ago when I was here in in town and we have been facebook friends (add me as a friend – link on the right under my foto).

I was going to have a play and be flirty with this guy but he told me that I need to go to ‘hospital’ because I don’t act/accecpt my gayness because I was out with a bunch of guys and girls.

I think he is offended because of my bisexuality.

I had a bunch of folks out with me and I got out of there as fast as I could. The guy went from a happy go lucky drinking buddy (I bought him a drink) to a nasty gay rights Nazi – as in – you have no rights to write your blog unless you are 100% gay.

‘Dave Evans’ isn’t really gay. We’ll I’ve sucked cock on multiple occasions, I’ve had cock in my arse on multiple occasions – and I’ve sucked cock and had cock in my arse at the same time on multiple occasions.

None of that makes me gay because I find women attractive.

Wonder if that argument will work with my 98yo Catholic Grandfather.

Does me having sex with (and being attracted to) women while running a gay business makes me a pauper and in need of hospitalization?

I would love to do a character comparisson with this fella but since this is my soap box it would be unfair, one sided and I enjoy my privacy and I would never intrude on anyone elses privacy.

It is a shame – I really, really like this guy. Aside from being a good looking guy, I like him. I’d love to have him around Kips place for a dinner but he has these nasty, close minded attitudes.

This fella told me tonight that I need to go to hospital because I’m not admitting my ‘gay’ side. There are a lot of people that have gone to religious ‘gay camps’ to straighten them out. Such ignorance.

Have gay guys gotten so comfortable in their own skin that they now feel free to dictate to others what is normal? Such ignorance.

I’m definitely non-scene, the gay guys I hang out with are close friends and guys I work with and do business with. I am pretty much str8 acting and this guy doesn’t know me very well so perhaps I’m taking an extreme view and I am trying not to generalize.

I know you guys will have some thoughts and opinions – I’d love to hear your comments (you don’t have to leave an email – but if you are nasty I get to remove your comment).

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