I was talking to Mr. Big Cock tonight – unfortunately he has some family in town and has to entertain them so we can’t catch up. I did mention to him that if he has any other ‘fuck buddies’ that next time he should bring them along. His response was kinda funny – he said he has one guy but that he is a bit too ‘gay’ for me.

What is with that? I definitely prefer str8 activing guys and that is exactly what I am but when it comes to fuck buddies – I’m not picky at all.

I’m wondering if any of you guys have experienced this, “you aren’t gay enough“, kind of attitude.

Through business and even my blog I’ve experienced this since I began in the business. I’ve had bloggers not trade links with me because my blog isn’t ‘strickly gay’. I’ve had a close friend of mine who is a pretty str8 acting guy tell me I probably shouldn’t go to a party in Sydney because it would be too ‘gay’ for me.

It doesn’t bother me but I do find it interesting that for so long anyone with homosexual tendencies (which I obviously have) struggled to be accepted and now some people (a minority for sure) have turned this around.

I’d be interested to hear what you guys think about this or if you’ve ever had similar experiences.

One thought on “Not gay enough?”
  1. Sounds like classic discrimination from the gay world. Even if they’re thinking it’s in your best interest not to come, it’s still hurtful. 🙁

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