Another full day on the snow and another multi-hour-hottub-session.

I haven’t mentioned to you guys much about who I’m crashing with here in Big White as I still have to get my head around what I can disclose to you guys and what I need to keep private (not for my sake, but for my hosts). I’ve got net access here but the days are just soooo full. Let me give you a run down of my day yesterday…..

  • 7am – Woken up and go for a shower
  • 7:15am – 8:45am – eat breakfast, check emails and put on snowboarding gear
  • 9am – Sitting on my first chair for the day (Ridge Rocket Chair for those of you who know Big White)
  • 1pm – We finally stop for lunch and a couple of drinks (not too many though)
  • 3pm – Back on the slopes for the last hour of skiing…..
  • 4pm – Walk in the door of ‘Snowshoe Sams’ for some apres skiing.
  • 5pm – Back at the condo and picking out speedos to wear
  • 5:15pm – Cock in speedos and drink in hand…. sliding the somewhat cold ‘important parts’ into the 104 F water of the hottub.
  • 7pm – Back for my 2nd shower of the day…. yes that 1hr 45mins might have involved my speedos being removed.
  • 8pm – Dinner reservations at ‘The Inn’ – I think it is officially ‘The Inn at Big White’
  • 8:45pm – A few drinks later my steak with ‘poutine’ is served
  • 10pm – Playing pool at ‘Snowshoe Sams’ with a bunch of teenage Aussie college kids on their summer break and kicking their arse!!!!!
  • 7am – Woken up and go for a shower….. yep – lots of blurrrrrr in there.

Not a whole lot of time for work but it is nice to be looked after by some really great hosts.

There has been talk of a nude run through town – not really my thing but you just never know…….

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