Do you like getting naked?

I’ve met some guys over the years (str8 guys) who just love getting their gear off. I remember a snowboarding trip to Perisher when I was 18yo and every single night, 2 of the guys on the trip would end up naked. Either running around the bar/hotel, sliding down a halfpipe on a mat naked or whatever. Both guys were and still are 100% straight.

Turns out a kiwi rugby player (Matt Guilford – got drunk and naked – he seems str8 although I hope he isn’t).

My old blogging mate Brenton Parry (who runs the blog he is a guy who just loves his nakedness. I’m more of a speedo over naked but I understand where these guys are coming from.

4 thoughts on “Nude vs Speedo”
  1. Speedos & bikinis are great, but naked is even better. Thing is, I think I look better in speedos — get whistles and compliments, and I think they’re sexy as hell. Nudity is just so comfortable, though!

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