I haven’t posted since last week on here and it is because I’ve been in Melbourne partying it up.

A friend of mine who I haven’t been in touch with lately shot me an email last Thursday asking if I wanted to join him and a group of his mates in Melbourne for his 30th birthday.

I said “Hell yeah!!!!!”

They had everything organised, some beautiful hotel rooms at the Crown Casino, tickets to a show and a list of bars they wanted to knock off over the 3 day weekend.

I just walked back into my house and I feel ‘dusty’. I have a stack of work to do, a bag full of dirty clothes and all I really want to do is sleep and not feel like a zombie.

With all that in mind – I had a fantastic time. There was a bit of romance, or perhaps sex is a better description than romance although it felt like a little more than just a holiday fling but I’m not sure I’m the best to ask in my current haze. Actually, maybe later today I’ll post again and ask you guys what you think I should do…. do the facebook stalk or just leave it as a fond memory of a fun weekend.

Well I’m going for a quick dip in the beach and then a nap.

Did any of you guys have a ‘Hangover’ kind of weekend?

PS – These are the AussieBums I’m wearing now – well not quite, mine have a blue line instead of grey.

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