I just got a call from a mate of mine saying that he is going camping this weekend if I want to tag along.

So I’m getting off the grid. No mobile coverage, no internet (obviously) and no power.

I don’t have any camping gear here so I’ve gotta duck out and buy a sleeping bag and some other basics. It was November this time last year when these guys were trying to do this same trip but they decided against it because the bushfire danger was so high.

The weather forecast isn’t the best but Sunday is looking good.

It is going to be nice to get off the grid – I’ve had some wonderful work developments this week (I’m trying to keep them under wraps until this speedo suing me thing goes away). It has entailed some late nights recently working with Kip but it is very exciting. And next week I think the court case thing goes before the judge, although honestly I don’t know how it all works.

I’ve gotta fly – have a good weekend guys and I will be back home on Sunday night in time for the big rugby game between the Wallabies (Aussies) and All Blacks (the New Zealand team).

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