Nothing much happening over the last couple of days guys so I thought I’d post some some random speedo eye candy – which of these 4 guys is your favourite? I think I’m going to go with what is behind door number 4 – amazing body and that red speedo seems like it created for that body.

Actually one thing that I have been sorting out is a ski trip over to New Zealand – my friends in Methven (which is near Christchurch) are all having a tough time with relatives and friends that have lost their homes in the earthquakes so I might head further south where I’ve got a bunch of mates in Queenstown. At this stage I think I might head over in about 2 weeks time so I’m there through mid-August. There is a gay ski week over there but it isn’t really my scene.

One thought on “Pick your favourite ‘speedo boy’”
  1. I want to assure you that if you hang around and read my journal a bit more and go Oh shit shes really not funny like that all the time I wont be offended if you defriend me. rock.My project for today is to update the Digest because its about damn time and people have mentioned that they might head over there. My only two requirements at this point are that 1 its a movie Ive seen and 2 I have it on the premises or failing that theres a write-up on I can use as a refresher.

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