Since I am in North America right now my Monday Speedo Colour post is a little later than it normally is. Thanks to all the guys who posted their colour suggestion and this morning I saw someone suggest pink – so that is what it is. I’ve never had a pink speedo and it isn’t my favourite colour but that is OK.

I saw on the mainstream news here last night a news story about the Speedo Santa Run – I really hope they didn’t use the ‘speedo’ name, they’ll get in trouble for that even though it is for chartiy. I’ll grab some pics of it and post that later in the week.

My Saturday night was another huge one – I have no idea who I managed to back up two nights in a row of 5am finishes. I’ve written half a post about it which you guys will love – I promise I’ll finish it this afternoon for you.

I’m looking forward to this week – hope you guys have a good Monday.

I like this girls pink speedo.

 And now for the boys and their pink speedos.

Not my favourite colour but those guys could make any speedo colour look hot!!!

I’m not in the market for a Ferrari but if I was I don’t think I’d go the pink one.

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