I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I might SMS Mr. Big Cock and see if he wanted to come around and plow my arse.

Well I asked, and he did.

Here is a copy of our correspondence…..

Want to plow my arse?

His reply was equally as eloquent…

Be there in 15

I love answering the door only wearing a speedo and 15 minutes after our txt exchange I answered a knock at the door wearing a pair of black lycra speedos.

Apart from the usual hello’s the only talking we did between the front door and my bedroom was me saying – I hope you are horny!!!

We made out for a couple of seconds in my room while I released Mr. Big Cock from his jeans and then speedo, I whipped of my speedo and lied on my back, lifted my knees and without even taking Mr. Big Cocks shirt off I told him to get that condom on, squirt some lube and get to work!!!

Before I answered the door I was rock hard and Mr. Big Cock had about 4 strokes before I started cumming all over and in my belly button.

Mr. Big Cock was another dozen stroked behind me before he pulled out of my arse, ripped off the condom and let his creaming load join mine.

Thank you Mr. Big Cock!!!

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  1. All but one of the 15 have been set by swimmers wearing the LZR..In 2004 only seven such records fell before the Athens Games six in the U.S.

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