This Jaime chick and I are really sexually compatible.  I don’t think I’ve ever known a girl who is so open minded and keen to try ANYTHING.

One fetish that Jaime as I share is having sex in public.  Last night we were on the couch fooling around, she was down to her bikini bottoms and I was down to my black lycra AussieBum speedos when we decided we wanted to fuck outside.

Turns out my neighbours, who are pretty nice, have a pool and they are out of town (I’ve been picking up their mail and putting out their rubbish bins for the last week).  I suggested maybe we go for a swim and Jaime was keen as mustard.

So we got off the couch and climbed over the fence (still only wearing a single piece of clothing each) and went for a swim.  The water was way too cold so we ended up on some of the outdoor furniture….

Jaime is off to Sydney for work this week which will give me some time to think about somewhere new to fuck.

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