I love 69’s but it isn’t my favourite position.

This morning I jacked off thinking about me lying on my back in bed and being offered a 69 from a girl I met last week.  When a girl throws her leg over your face and lowers that pussy down I find it amazingly hot.

There are some downsides to 69’s though.  If she is super wet you are going to get soaked.  I once had a squirter and I had to wash my hair after a 69 session.  Secondly, I find it really hard to concentrate on enjoying the recieving side of the 69 when I’m focussing on my job.  And finally – when I’ve been 69’ing a guy, it isn’t as easy to suck cock either on top or bottom and I find girls have the same trouble with me.

I had formulated the context of this post better than how I articulated it.  Did I make any sense at all there?  What do you guys think?

You could just add an extra person like these guys……

2 thoughts on “Pro’s and Con’s of 69’s”
  1. OMG, my wife has the same second two complaints about 69 position! She is always complaining about how it’s distracting and she can either pay attention to giving or receiving, not both. She also has difficulty blowing me essentially backwards. We have had more success on our sides, but it is still never her go-to move!

  2. I find that I really enjoy having my cock sucked while I can’t see what all is going on. Like Mark my girlfriend and I don’t 69 too often but when we do, we do it on our sides

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