My first memorial day weekend was great, the sun was out and on Monday Kip and I both got sunburnt sitting out at the Tiki Bar in Frisco. Rum Runners are now my official drink. The sunshine didn’t last though and it has been snowing on and off all day and it is really dumping right now.

I’m sure it won’t last and will be sunny tomorrow.

I can’t believe how burnt I got, just on my legs and arms – maybe there is a possibility of getting a speedo tan this summer….

Here are some pics of some real men wearing speedos. Tonight BiBoarders (read about what he and I got up to a couple of posts ago) is coming over to play with Kip and I…. should be pretty hot as you can expect.

Small Speedo
Real Men Wear SpeedosReal Men in SpeedosLucky Girls with Speedo GuysAussieBummerMans Man in Speedos

One thought on “Real Men Wear Speedos”
  1. Dave,
    Yes, if you are an active man and in pretty good shape, you can wear a speedo. Everyone else wishes they could wear one as well as you.

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