I’ve got no details about this guy or his red AussieBum’s but they were posted over on the SwimmerSexuality.com forum a few days ago and I thought I should bring them over and share them with you guys.

Recently there have been a bunch of photos about of really hot guys in AussieBums – wonderful to see a great Aussie company doing well and it seems the folks at AussieBum are really nice. My current pair of Portsea’s were sent me to be by someone in their office and their big boss Sean Ashby added me as a friend on facebook earlier in the week.

Anyways – I’ve been a fan of their product and I’m always happy to support an Aussie company.

PS – I have absolutely no financial link with AussieBum and I’ve only got 2 pairs of free speedos from them and that was from one of the staff who is a fan of this blog. You never know one day I might be competing with them with my new line of DESwimwear.

Feast your eyes on this guy and his red AussieBums.

If you want to see some more pics of this guy – I posted another 5 pics of him on my blog AussieSpeedoGuy.com – click here for that post.

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