I had a bunch of red speedo photos that I’ve been meaning to post and well, I just ended up with too many of them so I have been forced to post them – ow darn, I can hear you guys complaining already – hehehee.

I only own 1 pair of red speedos right now but my favourite red speedos were definitely a pair of Andrew Christian ones, they had a little cross right in the middle of the front. They were a great fit, small sides and the lycra was amazing!!! Unfortunately I can’t find them for sale anymore (just like the ones in this old blog post – only in red).

How many of you guys own red speedos?

Speedo Car WashRed Andrew ChristianSpeedo DrunkRed Speedo ShowerSpeedos Under Boardies

One thought on “Red Speedo Pics”
  1. The Lifeguard is HOT. Almost worth struggling in the water…just to be saved by him. But he has a job to do, better to buy him a beer after his work…tell him it is hot no reason to change first before the cold beer.

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