On Wednesday, I told you guys, that my new red Aussiebum speedos arrived. Since then I have been wearing them every day to the pool.

I looks like this blog has some readers on the Central Coast……

Today is Friday and I went to the pool just before lunch. There were a few people there but I got my own lane. Most of the time there are guys in speedos swimming laps but I did notice that there was a guy swimming in his own red speedos!!! I thought this was pretty hot although I didn’t get much of a look at him.

I jump in and swim 2kms – all I do is freestyle. I jump out – head towards the showers. I normally just have a splash and dash shower and wear my speedos under my shorts home. As I was into the showers/lockroom there is one guy there. I was just going about my business (in my red speedos) and didn’t pay him much attention as he was pretty much finished getting dressed.

As I’m standing over my bag of clothes the guy approaches me from behind and holding out his business card says to me…

“Hi Dave, love the red speedos. Feel free to drop me a line.”

Then he was gone. I sooooo didn’t expect it and all I did was take the business card and say thanks.

I haven’t emailed him back yet but you guys know I will and I’m sure that Mr Business Card is reading this. I’m assuming he was the one in the red speedo as well. I’ve got a busy weekend but perhaps I could have some speedo action lined up for next week – whoohooo!!!!

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