Yesterday afternoon I drove into Reno just after sunset. The drive was night and there is a bunch of snow on the road in. I’m staying at the Circus, Circus and although Reno is no Vegas I can’t believe the deal I got on this hotel room. It is HUGE and crazy cheap – I suppose it was a Thursday night in whatever season you call this now.

Anyways, I want to be quick but I was OK to have a quiet night since I don’t know anyone in Reno so I sat down in this gorgeous hotel room and started reading some Tucker Max which I was about 2 chapter into and I had an adult beverage at hand of course.

Tucker Max always gets me fired up to party and after a few drinks I decided to clean up and go for a walk. As expected, there wasn’t a whole lot of action in Reno on a Thursday night. I walked around, the casino covers a few blocks and I managed not to get lost. I couldn’t find anything happening so I went to a bar nearly where my elevator was and ordered a drink. I started talking to the bartender and he confirmed that nothing was going on but Friday night you’ll be able to have some fun, he told me.

I sat there on my own thinking that I’d head back to my Tucker Max when I finished my drink. Before I had the chance, there was a fat girl on each side of me – they were friends. Being the nice guy that I am, and enjoying the company I bought the next round of drinks and the one after that. By then the girls were very flirty and I had mentioned the HUGE bed that was in my hotel room and the spa that was right next to it. The girls thought that sounded like a good idea and I had drunk enough that I didn’t mind that they were a little larger (OK I admit, a lot larger but the bed was really big). AND, I’ve never had a threesome with just 2 girls. I’ve had foursomes with 2 girls and another guy but never just 2 girls on my own and that was another way I was justifying it to myself.

All of a sudden, this much better looking woman, short dark hair, nice black dress with high heels (nothing over the top for a Thursday night in Reno), and maybe 35yo, maybe a touch older, interrupts us and while giving me an impromptu hug says:

Smithy!!! Great to see you again. I heard you were in town but are you here for the snow or just passing through. (I caught just a tiny little wink as she said it).

I had already told my story to the fat girls that I was driving through and continued that along and she kept calling Smithy – brilliant I might add, I hadn’t told the other girls my last name, just Dave.

Michael is here as well, he is now one of the managers of — something I forget –, you’ve got to come over and say hello, he’ll be over the moon to see you as well.

With that I asked the girls to excuse me and I extracted myself from their gravitational pull.

Once we were out of ear shot

My friend Michael and I thought you needed rescuing.

I couldn’t believe it, that is sooo funny and so nice of her but I did have a threesome pretty much in the bag but I liked this womans spunk. Then I met Michael who looks like Patrick Swayze when he was in his late 30’s early 40’s. The three of us were laughing and Michael told Rebecca (the brunette in the black dress) and I that the fat chicks were shooting daggers at Rebecca.

So I missed out on a threesome but I did get laid…. I’ve gotta duck off for dinner so I’ll have to tell you guys the rest tomorrow or whenever I get a few minutes to sit down and write.

I was hoping to snowboard tomorrow but despite all the snow on the ground nothing is open yet so I’ll probably just drive to Salt Lake City and then onto Kip’s place on Sunday super early and try and make the Broncos game, or maybe the 2nd half of it.

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